we’ve gotten this far!

Praise the Lord!!! That is all I can think to say right now. I feel so blessed by Him. He pulled it off… All my doubts and fears were squashed as I was waking up to hear the nurse talking. They were able to get 36 BIG healthy eggs. As we speak the embryologist is already working away on them. We have to have a procedure called ICIS done due to male factor infertility. Our nurse said… “that should keep her busy for the day”. Tomorrow we expect to hear from her and they will give us the date of our transfer! It looks like we are able to have it done either Saturday or Monday!

My mom is arriving tonight from Oklahoma. I am so thankful to have her come and care for me. She likes to remind me that “I’m never to old to be taken care of by my mom”. Which is true. It will give Ryan a break from having to do all the lil’ things I haven’t been able to do. It also gives us time to be together during this very exciting time in our life! If anybody will make sure I’m not straining myself the next few days.. its my mom.

Tonight I have to start taking 4 medications. 2 will be helping with the Hyper-stimulation and the other are just pre-pregnancy, post op precaution. And since I have gotten so used to sticking myself with needles, its only fitting that I have to start having progesterone shots this evening that will continue for the next 3 weeks. (oh the joy!)


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  1. I am enjoying reading about you every day, though I am sure you are not enjoying all the uncomfortable things you are having to go through. I am continuing to pray for you guys and I think about you very often. Miss you so much.

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