So very grateful

My mom has been here since last Wednesday (and leaves tomorrow….) and I am so very grateful to her for all that she has done. Her very presence has helped me so much. These last couple days have been one emotional roller coaster after another and its been so comforting to have my mom here with us.

This morning at the butt crack of dawn… we had to be at Baylor for my surgery. When we arrived I was having a really hard time breathing and walking well it has been a challenge the last couple days. They were able to go in a drain fluid from my ovaries that was causing pressure in my chest and especially my abdomen.  Dr. Marynick  hopes that should do it but has warned us that we might have to go through this same procedure in a couple weeks. I just traumatized those poor things so much that they are now having melt downs, it appears.

Both Ryan and I were very discouraged to find that the cost of the procedure today was around $2300 and that, like all of this… is out of pocket.  We had paid the LUMP sum back when the stimulation’s started and from that point on.. they deducted every sono, dr’s visit, drugs ect.. from that money. Well we have now drained the money dry and having to pay for these little extra things.

Unexpected things.

God provides. I have to keep reminding myself of this. We had tossed around the idea of my mom coming last week because of the uncertainty of what would be happening. God knew. He knew I would need my nurse/mother to be here.

Ryan is a great man. He is NOT a nurturer.

Soon as I feel better and my stomach is normal and I am not taking any major drugs. I am having a GIANT cold Diet Dr. Pepper!!!!!!! (and I will be so very grateful for that luxury)



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2 responses to “So very grateful

  1. lizzie

    I just miss you so much and We are praying for you! God is so good and He will do Great things…love you

  2. Ryan

    Hold on I can be very nurturing!

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