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I’m moving!

Ryan’s created a website for us, and so my blog is moving over there. Please update your links. Sorry about the hassle!

My new blog site


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so I’ve been a little silent lately. I haven’t had anything to say. Actually I have been struggling more then I have in a long time. Struggling for air, struggling for answers, struggling for peace. I understand why we are having to wait. I get that my body was not ready for this. However it doesn’t change the fact that I am having a hard time with more waiting.

If my body heals okay ,the earliest that we will have the transfer is mid November.  Which makes me sad.

Right now I ask that you, my friends, pray on my behalf. That I might be patient. That I will be able to be still.


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I wrote this whole long post but just didn’t feel like I was really showing you my true colors.

I’m hurting. I think it sucks that we have to wait. However I do still believe that God is a good and loving God. Today, I choose to trust Him with what He has in store for us.  In the grand scheme of things… what is waiting a couple months?? What is another $3000?

He still is in control.

Please pray for my pain… Its becoming quite an annoyance. I have a hard time sitting for long periods of time. Which is why I don’t write in here much these days.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your email’s, comments, text messages and all the above. I have really needed your encouragement. Its through you all that I know He is still here.


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